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Fears of First Time Home Buyers

Is this how you feel when you think about buying your first home?

Most first time home buyers have multiple fears of actually purchasing a home.  Can I afford it? What if something breaks? What about my credit score? Where do I even start?

Brautigan Realty is all about helping their clients from start, to finish, and beyond!  Although it is true that some people can not afford to buy a home at a given time, it’s not always true.  The first step is to write out your budget.  Know what you have coming in vs. going out.  Take a look at the expense you already have for rent.  Oftentimes, rent is more expensive than a mortgage would be on the same property…after all, the home owner isn’t going to rent their home to someone for less than what they pay on their mortgage!

After you have taken a look at your current budget, reach out to a licensed real estate agent.  Make sure this agent has your best interest.  You want an agent that answers and returns calls in a timely manner, is knowledgable in the buying process, and is working for you.  This real estate agent will give you a list of a few different lenders that they trust and have worked with in the past so that you can start the pre-approval process.  The lender will work in a partnership, so to speak, with you and your agent.

Now that you have an amount that you have been pre-approved for, you and your agent should meet up and gather information about what you’re looking for.  Be leery of the agent that just meets you at any and all properties regardless of your criteria and budget.  You want an agent that truly understands your needs.  You’re not in this just to check out homes, you’re in it to BUY a home.  This process shouldn’t take weeks and weeks unless there are not a lot of homes available on the market. Your time, and your agent’s time are valuable.

Once you find the home you are ready to purchase, allow your agent to guide you through the process from offering an acceptable price, to inspections, to the closing table, and everything in between.  If you want have any questions, even if you aren’t ready to buy just yet, be sure to get those answers now so you can start prepping for this magnificent journey.  Make your experience go fear to joy!